voice and piano, Lyrics: Hurt! That's what this song is about! Hurt! When you are hurt! Words only talk about it: Trauma disorder and stress. It's best to know it's there, though, some say it's notto be found in the book. Life is not a book though, and so look, look hard, work hard and see all the hurt people. Oh, yes it is easy to say, "Well, that's the world. Get over it! Get on, get on! You're like a pawn! But, they get hurt, too. O.K. Survival Could it just be about finding a way to maintain the living, while ignoring all of the hurt! March on. Blurt out life! Squirt or skirt then die. Swallow the ache! No belly ache! Force the best of the best, achieve the rest beyond all else, suffer then and for your demise, we'll sing your praise! Or, perhaps, maybe life is meant to be The joy of finding relativity. Of saying: how can we help? Not a vision of being skewered. Is not the earth a garden and we its stewards? Survival is a matter of our unity. Not to battle an end so perilous Love is an action of the highest responsibility, then the quality of relations the way we are meant to be. Survivors of trauma liken it best to when good things of life are so expressed that the living becomes worthwhile again. And the sin of hurt turns us so. Copyright � 2011


Hurt from the opera HURT




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