What is Wrong With Us



What is wrong with us? 

Why do we gravitate 

Towards seeming reprobates 

And, more like depredate

Our lives, our earth, our 

Very creation lies in peril. 

We deny our climate changes

Like we deny our nature

Nurtured in the bosom 

Of fears over differences. 

Our preferences drawn 

By inadequate, ignorant

Narrations, by authorities

Who know false ways, 

No legitimate cause for their creed.  


We quash, we bury

One another as 

Blind faith rules, as 

Our houses  burn. 


We think “don’t help others, 

Do not offer a hand, 

“Pull up your bootstraps.”

Do not practice goodness,”

Seen only as myth  

When self serving brands 

Jostle our systems, shunting 

Love, compassion, service.


Instead we hate, 

We consecrate our false 

Divisions, the artificial. 

We maintain prejudice 

Through an unrooted dictate: 

What is wrong with us? 

We cannot live in peace

We cannot get along

We cannot abide race

We cannot accept 

We cannot understand 

We are not moved by

What is fact: 

The goodness of truth, 

Though it stares 

Into our face. 


(Into your lovely, lovely face.) 


What seething and jaded

Embryo emerges, 

Intensified and 


Into ideologies and creeds

To deny a chosen turn, off 

The path of facts, no more to  

Gardens of Truth.


(Take “o” from good 

and you have God.) 



Still decay ripens  

In any form of 

Living. A spiraled, 

Jade sluiceway down the 

Tyranny of evil 

Chosen mires 

The mind, body and 

Soul until all’s lost, 

Dogmas appear with 

Desperate ways and  

Contentious conceit. A 

Tricked logic with unhinged

Devious, dishonest 

Foundations turned inward 

Until our neighborhood 

Cowers, turns towards  

Mean arguments  and 

Sleeps, covered sleep: a 

Pestilence wrapped in a 

Warm, comfortable blanket. 

What’s wrong with us?

What's Wrong With Us




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