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Stuart's instruction is thorough and he is 
skilled at leading students to "self 
discovery" with the questions he asks 
during lessons. In addition to providing 
highly knowledgeable musical instruction, 
Stuart has an excellent ability to 
understand students in a way that allows 
him to be consistently encouraging at the 
same time he asks for excellence. He is 
supportive and kind with infinite patience 
that puts my son at ease. I would highly recommend Stuart Carter to anyone who is looking for musical instruction of the highest caliber.
Stephanie Stec


Nhi Nguyen    

Schedule is pretty flexible and kid love it.

Mon Feb 19 2018

Misa Blackmer     

Stuart is an excellent teacher. He is immensely patient and has a vast knowledge of music that extends from theory to technique. I would strongly recommend him for both young students as well as adults

Mon Feb 19 2018

I am an adult who has taken both piano and voice lessons with Stuart. In addition, my son took lessons in trumpet as a youth. Stuart's comprehensive grasp of music, his appreciation of neuroscience as it relates to developing musicianship and his ability to help a student build practice habits and musical facility have been outstanding for our family. Although I will always remain amateur, the joy I experience playing and listening to music has been expanded exponentially, thanks to my lessons with Stuart.  Heather M. 

Stuart is a true teacher. He is ever positive, 
encouraging and enthusiastic. He is 
dedicated to helping his students tap into 
their creative abilities to reach their goals. 
While being flexible in his teaching 
methods, he never pressures or 
overwhelms as he guides each student to 
excel. He instills an excitement in and 
appreciation of music that makes you look 
forward to each lesson, and a strong to 
desire to work to discover and develop 
your own skill and talent." - Kristy, 27, Piano

I have been taking singing lessons from Stuart Carter for about 4 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience, combined with a very calming demeanor. His ability to recognize ones strengths and weaknesses enables him to tailor lessons towards specific goals, while focusing on the student's overall development. Stuart gently pushes his students outside of their comfort zone to help them redefine their limits. Through a regular recital regimen I have witnessed substantial growth in all of his students, ranging in age from young children to grown adults. I highly recommend him as a musical instructor.

Giles W. 

My 11 year old son has been taking weekly trumpet lessons with Stuart Carter for nearly 3 yrs now. He has performed in two recitals. He is a leader in his music classes at school, and his confidence as a performer is through the roof. The middle school band invited my son to play with them. He loves the trumpet and enjoys his time with Mr. Carter. As a parent, I am appreciative of the level of support and encouragement he receives every lesson. For the first year, I attended lessons with my son. Now I give him the time and space to relate to his instructor one on one. Emails home with practice strategies catered specifically to my son help me stay clued in, but also help me provide a healthy and positive practice atmosphere at home. I’m so thankful we found Mr. Carter!


Stuart is great! He doesn't just teach rote memorization and practice drills; he makes the learning fun and encourages my daughter to have fun while at the piano. Because he understands the mental aspect of learning, he teaches the music in a way my daughter learns best. She's really progressed in the year that we have been with him. As a physician and fellow pianist, I can tell you that his approach is on point. His welcoming and warm personality only add to the experience. My daughter absolutely loves when she has a great lesson (which is almost every week now:) You won't go wrong..highly recommended!

Mon Feb 19 2018

Blair O.

Feb 22, 2017


Mr. Carter does an excellent job of teaching and connecting with my son, and making piano lessons something he eagerly awaits each week. I would recommend.

My husband Rich and I are both music school graduates. Rich is currently the band director at ADL middle school in Essex Junction. Rich had heard so many students improve dramatically while studying with Stuart we knew when our son decided on playing the trombone, who we wanted him to study with.
Stuart is a knowledgeable and patient instructor with a high level of understanding of both brass 
technique and overall musicianship. Stuart runs a fantastic lesson program and it is evident not only with my own child’s progress, but in the other students we hear at the annual recitals.
We would both recommend Stuart highly as an instructor and a musician to anyone.
Nicole and Rich Williams.  2004

Our son, Joe Dupuis, has been studying trombone with Stuart for over 5 years now. Joe looks forward to his lessons. Stuart 
has helped Joe prepare solos for auditions and he has made District Bands, Vermont All-State Bands, New England Bands 
and the Vermont Youth Orchestra. Joe himself has told us many times that he wouldn't be where he is now musically if it 
wasn't for Mr. Carter. Stuart has included music theory as a part of Joe’s study as well. Stuart is great about trying different 
approaches if a student is struggling to master a technique. 
Stuart is well equipped to include jazz and improvisation and our son has benefited from that too. We have enjoyed 
watching the evolution of our son’s trombone playing from a few notes to multi-movement challenging musical pieces from various music eras. Joe enjoys being a member of Stuarts trombone choir. Besides the lessons and playing part of music,
Stuart has provided us guidance on purchasing a trombone, repairs, cleaning, appropriate valve oils, and a multitude of 
non- lesson music items. This too is valuable to us, as we previously had no knowledge in these areas. As we have 
become more familiar with the music community, we have observed that a large number of the best brass players in the 
state of Vermont are from Stuart Carter’s music studio. We are fortunate to have Stuart as our son Joe’s music teacher.
Sandy and Mark Dupuis.  2006

Former students include: Ben Smeltzer, Will McGraw, Paul Ackerman, Ben Willis, David Whitman, Ted Calcagni, Joe Dupuis, Ben Joslin, Cole Guerriere, Mitch Logan, Logan Ordway, and many, many others. His students have auditioned successfully and consistently  for membership in district, All State, All State Jazz, All New England and the VYOA. He has been known to fill sections in these groups.   

Read what former students say about Stuart’s teaching —— 

“…such an amazing mentor” The Logan’s, Mitch Logan.  ”Lessons were productive and helped me learn to play at a more mature level.”  “Stuart effectively coached me in taking a deep well supported breath. This really helped me achieve a high school level of Tuba playing. Thank you, Benjamin Joslin” “Stuart showed me the fundamental secrets of how to become a trombone player.” Paul Ackerman, student 1976-80.”Stuart Carter helped nurture our son from middle school to All-State Jazz Band, and he did it with grace and humanity as well as skill and knowledge.” Drs. Dawn and Russell Willis, Ben Willis.  “Encouraging while assertively guiding, Stuart is a mentor of the highest standards. He teaches creatively, while carefully paying attention to necessary details. He enthusiastically seeks out opportunities for his students in the community.  Teaching is his passion.”Joe Dupuis. 



Monday-Thursday  3:00pm-8:00pm

Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm




105 Walnut St. 

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